Find Your Circle

At Little Chapel on the Boardwalk, we're committed to developing our Christian education programs, known as circles, for kids, youth, college students, and adults. While these programs are currently in the planning stages, we are actively seeking passionate youth ministry leaders and educators to join our team. If you're interested in being part of this exciting phase of growth, we encourage you to reach out to us. Your involvement could make a significant impact in shaping our educational and spiritual journey together.


Our Kids Group at Little Chapel on the Boardwalk is a nurturing and vibrant place for children to learn, grow, and explore their faith. It's an engaging space where the youngest members of our community can connect with each other and discover the teachings of Christianity in a fun, age-appropriate setting. This group is an integral part of our vision to build a strong foundation of faith in the lives of children.


The Youth Group at Little Chapel on the Boardwalk offers a dynamic and supportive environment where teenagers can engage with their faith and each other. It's a place where young people can discuss, learn, and grow in their understanding of Christian values, all while forming lasting friendships. Our Youth Group is about building a community where teens feel valued, heard, and encouraged to explore their spiritual journey.


The College Group at Little Chapel on the Boardwalk is a welcoming and inspiring space for college-age individuals to explore and deepen their faith. This group provides a unique opportunity for young adults to connect with peers, engage in meaningful discussions, and navigate the challenges of college life from a Christian perspective. It's a place to find support, grow spiritually, and build a community grounded in faith and friendship.


The Adult Group at Little Chapel on the Boardwalk is a community where adults of all ages can come together to deepen their spiritual understanding and faith. This group offers a welcoming space for meaningful conversations, Bible study, and mutual support, fostering both personal growth and stronger community bonds. It's an ideal setting for adults seeking to explore their faith journey amidst the company of like-minded individuals.


The Music Group at Little Chapel on the Boardwalk is a harmonious blend of talent and passion, bringing together individuals who share a love for music and worship. This group plays a vital role in our services and events, enriching our gatherings with a variety of musical styles. Whether you are a seasoned musician or a beginner with a desire to learn, the Music Group offers a welcoming space to develop your skills, connect with others, and express your faith through the power of music.